Fellow Internetians,

I was throwing together a salad today and I suddenly found myself falling into a pit of sentimental gooeyness as I considered the beauty of vegetables. I don't know how odd or strange it is to fall in love with veggies, but if you have yet to experience the profound beauty of nature's own creation, you've got to get yoself to a farmers' market.

We spend so much energy creating and processing foods in our man-made factories and kitchens, that we forget how much nature has already done for us! Have you ever eaten a slice of avocado and just melted inside? Or peeled a fresh grapefruit and marveled at the fact that citrus fruits are pre-sliced? If not, I challenge you to go taste some raw food and try to truly experience it in all its wonder. 

Ok, sentimental moment over, now go eat some spinach.



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