Dear Internetians,

You know something’s gone awry in your life when you realize that getting dressed consists of finding the clothes in your wardrobe that most resemble the pajamas you’re already wearing.
This summer has been sadly unproductive so far. It all started off on the wrong foot when my first day of my summer vacation looked like this:

And it didn’t help that for the next week I was attacked by a flu virus that whooped my immune system’s ass. 
At first, being ill depleted my appetite and my meal times were replaced with naps. When I recovered enough to regain my appetite, though, I somehow had lost the ability to give a fuck about what I was putting in my body. I was too lazy to make the oatmeal that I usually ate with a tablespoon of Nutella, so instead I just ate the Nutella. Nutella became a staple in my diet and there were, like, 12 spoons in the sink because, despite the dignity lost when I decided to eat Nutella by the spoonful, I still mustered up the moral obligation to avoid double dipping. 
My life revolved around Downton Abbey, crying because I didn’t live in Downton Abbey, and commiserating with my dog about how miserable it is to sleep 20 hours a day.
I’m slowly recovering, albeit I can’t say I’m quite where I was prior to the start of summer. Exercising is still accompanied by a lot of crying, and my eating habits have yet to separate into definitive meals.

I did, though, come up with an ingenious way of getting my butt moving while maintaining my 8 to 9 hour daily internet shifts: sit on the stationary bike with laptop precariously balanced on handle bars.
Genius. If only I had the motivation to keep that up at all.    
Anyone else having a slow start to their summer?


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