I love greek yogurt, but the other day I discovered a problem. I wasn't quite sure if my greek yogurt had gone off or if that's just how it was supposed to taste. 

I feel like that is something that shouldn't be as confusing as it is. 

Yesterday I smelled the greek yogurt in the fridge and the paranoid part of my brain was like...

... so I threw it out just to be safe.

I bought a different brand and I think that might have solved the sour taste. Maybe it really had gone off. Maybe the unappetizing taste was just because I hadn't sweetened it. I literally had it in the fridge for, like, less than a week. My brain has a tendency to over-react even at the slightest possibility that food might have gone bad.
I guess better safe than sorry. BUT, now that I've set up a scenario that sounds completely unappetizing, I actually really love the stuff, despite the fact that its natural taste is one that is not unlike the taste of stale normal yogurt. Throw in some delicious honey to sweeten it up, and some fresh berries or granola, and you've got yourself a delicious, healthy snack. 

Does your greek yogurt ever smell sour?

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